Kinetix Comp 20 spokes

Lacing 20 radial spokes
Spokes No name (178mm)
Nipples DT Swiss brass 14mm
Rim Kinetix Comp 406mm
Hub Kinetix 74mm
Rim tape Schwalbe cloth
Glue DT Freeze (red glue)
Weight with rim tape (without quick release) 536g
Unique wheel Maybe with these nipples
After 8000km (and more than 5 million rotations!), the rim of the front wheel of my Dahon P18 was worn out. This wheel has just been rebuit with a new rim, new nipples and a new rim tape.
The spokes are original and the painting does not hold on it. All the spokes have no equal quality and Dahon chose poor ones !
The front hub does not carry a huge load with a folding bike, but it remains quite beefy despite the tiny bearings. 74mm format would also be great for recumbents. This hub seems a bit light to consider mounting it in front of a recumbent bike.

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