Shimano dynamo DH-3D72 Shurmann 32 spokes

Lacing 32 spokes crossed by 1 without contact
Spokes Sapim leader (154/156mm)
Nipples Sapim alu 14mm
Rim Shurmann (410g)
Hub Shimano DH-3D72 center lock (565g)
Rim tape Schwalbe plastic
Glue DT Freeze (red glue)
Weight with rim tape (without quick release) 1130g
Unique wheel yes
The same wheel as before except for the hub (the last Shimano DH-3D72) and the alu nipples to save some weight. It is even lighter and more efficient than my first dynamo wheel with 24 spokes and light rim !
Shimano dynamo hubs are getting better and better.

2 commentaires:

Jorge Martin a dit…

Hello, I'm thinking of building a 20 inch wheel with this hub for my recumbent... What has been your experience? Does it work okay? Any info would be great appreciated.

Matthieu a dit…

Of course it works great, I also made other dynamo wheels with Shimano hub. You have got plenty of examples that work fine. Just chose à LED lamp like the B&M Cyo or Schmidt and forget all light troubles.