My wheels, this blog and I

How can I contact you?

Through the contact page.

Are you a professional?

Absolutely not, I make wheels during my leisure time and seldom more than a wheel per month. I am just an amateur specialized in recumbent wheels. I am working as a software developer in the real life.

Did you have a training course or read books?

Neither training course nor books. Anyway, I checked some internet web sites to know the basics. I learnt step by step. First I tried to tune a wheel myself then I changed a old rim and finally I built a complete wheel from selected parts. Books and training courses are precious help but experience is really important.

Why are you building custom recumbent wheels?

I bought my first recumbent in 2006, an optima baron. The wheels were very strong but too heavy for a sport bike. I have been disappointed by all the other wheels available on the market. Naturally, I decided to build my own wheels from selected parts, trying not to make the same mistakes I saw (even on expensive wheels).

Which wheels of your production are you using?

For commuting, I am using the 24 spokes rigida dynamo wheel (5000km) on my baron. For sport, I am using the lightest disc wheel ever made for a recumbent and also this one. Sometimes I use the 32 spokes toxy tune wheel on my baron.
All the other wheels are mistreated by the cyclists who trusted me.

How many wheel lacing have you done so far?

Probably more than 25 if I include rebuild wheels and tests.

What about the damages on your wheels?

- some broken spokes due to a weak 16 spokes lacing (not shown in the blog).
- 1 toxy light rim damaged after a huge shock.
- 1 spoke broken after a bad lacing that was not respecting rim offset. The wheel has been rebuilt and is fine now.
- 1 toxy light rim cracked around nipples after 12000 km (7500 miles). It was a 24 disc wheel use on bumpy roads. I suggest using this kind of lacing for sport and competition only.
- 0 damage on 32 spoke wheels
Nothing else. One wheel have more than 20000km (12500 miles)

How many bentriders are using the wheels you made?

Something like 15 bentriders, and some of them enjoy long distances.

Why do you like 'center lock system' so much?

Center lock allows small flanges and it is good for small disc wheels. With small flanges, spokes come almost perpendicular to the rim and they do not suffer that much from bending (a spoke can easily break up if the nipple does not have the same orientation). This problem does not exist on big wheels. But it becomes crucial on small disc wheels, especially with a 24 spokes lacing.

Why are you not building 26", 650 or 700mm wheels?

It is quite easy to find good wheels in these sizes. Even if you are looking for something special like a 650 disc wheel, you will find shops that can do it perfectly, like starbike. I focus on "hard to get" wheels.

What is your equipment?

Everything is explained here.

Can I ask for a wheel?

Yes it is always possible to ask! But I may have no time, no motivation or some parts missing. Anyway, I can make sure it can be done and forward the request towards a qualified professional.

I have a question that is not in these FAQ?

Please contact me.

I disagree with what is written in these FAQ

The answers I give are personal and prone to discussion. My answers might be incomplete or wrong. Please send me your comments and I will take them into account for the next update.

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